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California Deserves the Royal Treatment From Britain's Ruling Family

After Providing a Century of Service and a New In-Law, the Golden State Should Be Adopted by the House of Windsor

By Joe Mathews

Your Majesty, I realize you move slowly, and I don’t mean to rush someone who turned 92 this week. But it’s high time that you showed California proper appreciation—by making our entire state an honorary member of the British royal family.
    Perhaps that seems a bit much, and yes it might breach protocol, but ask yourself, Ma’am: Does your family have a more devoted servant than the Golden State?
    Over the decades, you have had any number of flunkies and public relations vassals in your employ. But none has been better at telling your family’s story sympathetically than the folks in Hollywood.
    For the lowbrow set, L.A.’s entertainment news shows cover every little appearance of you and your kin. The other family those shows obsess ...


Why Both Liberals and Conservatives Claim Theodore Roosevelt as Their Own

Our 26th President Is Lauded as an Environmentalist, as Well as an Empire Builder

By Michael Patrick Cullinane

A president’s career can extend well beyond his death, as family, friends, and fans work tirelessly to maintain his legacy and image.
    For roughly 10 years, I have studied the legacy of the 26th president, Theodore Roosevelt. Even after a decade, I continue to be astounded by how regularly Roosevelt is invoked in politics and beyond.
    Today, TR is ubiquitous. If you follow sports, you may have seen Teddy Goalsevelt, the self-appointed mascot for Team USA soccer who ran for FIFA president in 2016. Or you may have watched the giant-headed Roosevelt who rarely wins the Presidents’ Race at Washington Nationals baseball games. If you enjoy the cinema, you will likely recall Robin Williams as Roosevelt in the Night at the Museum trilogy, or might know that a ...

Connecting California Joe Mathews

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    Up in the Sierra, the Town of Truckee Is Embracing Dense Urban Growth

    One of California’s hottest development projects can be found in one of its coldest towns.
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  • L.A. Is Drowning in Its Own Water Pretensions

    Civic Leaders' Fantastical Claims of Water Self-Sufficiency May Endanger Southern California's Real Water Supplies

    This time, “Chinatown” is fooling itself.
        Los Angeles has a long history of water deceptions, a point made famously by Roman Polanski’s 1974 neo-noir film. But the massive self-sabotage of the city’s latest scheme is a real doozy. L.A.—from elected ...

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    Several years before a certain Queens real estate tycoon became president, Yascha Mounk had a sense that the United States and other liberal democracies had arrived at “a moment of acute political instability.” ...